19 Jan 2021-Washington:  Joe Biden vaccinated

Newly elected US President Joe Biden has announced the appointment of Salman Ahmed, a Pakistani citizen, to the key post of head of policy planning in the State Department.


21 Jan 2021-Google Lens downloads exceeded 500 million

Google Lens is a very useful app that has been badly ignored. Despite this, when it comes to download and installation, this app has crossed the 500 million installation mark. It took Google Lens only two and a half years to achieve this.

Google Lens has a powerful feature of Augmented Reality (AR) that can identify objects around it. This app scans, identifies them and can translate any written text. It can help with children's homework and has been used extensively in the Code 19 epidemic. In addition, text viewed through Google Lens can be read in words, while options such as Copy to Computer can also be used. The use of the lens does not end there, its other features are more than one.





03 December  1982

 Today in 1982, the first permannet artifical heart was implanted by Willlium C. DeVries. It was an aluminum and plastic device called Jarvic-7.





01 Dcember  1940

Hawker Hurricane Fighter Plane:

During WW2, eighty years ago, a small single-seat fighter in Briatain was largely responsible for defeating Germany’s attempts to invade Britain, it was Hawker Hurricane Fightter Plane that defeated Germany.


23 February 2021

The Biden administration hopes to open the school in April

The Biden administration hopes that by April, most schools will begin teaching in classrooms. White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie told ABC's This Week program that the teaching process in schools Rehabilitation is our goal, our goal and our plan. He said the school reopening plan depends on Congress approving President Joe Biden's 19 19 trillion Corona Virus Relief Bill, which includes 130 130 billion for schools. Have been placed.

The spokesman said that many schools across the country do not have the resources to spend on improving facilities. He said many schools could temporarily hire more teachers and bus drivers to keep the number of students in class at a time. Intends The package is expected to receive congressional approval by mid-March.


23 February 2021

Good News For Whatsap Users:

Users of the WhatsApp will now be able to use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. This is great news for the users of WhatsApp. 

It will be possible use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously in a smartphone, but for this, the mobile must have a dual SIM.

This feature has been introduced in mobile phones considering As for the dual SIM system cell phone, users can use 2 different numbers in one phone but WhatsApp account works only on one number.

With the help of these features, a duplicate app of any supported app can be created which can be used to access two different accounts in the same phone.


Foreign media says that if you go to the settings of any phone and click on the advanced features and then click on the dual messenger option from the bottom, a list will appear which will be compatible with the dual messenger. Then click on the application, and finally click on the iinstall button.

Enjoy !  Hurrah!!


The American woman who defeated cancer was chosen for space travel.

A young American woman who has recovered from bone cancer is set to embark on her first private spacecraft, SpaceX, in the autumn of this year with technology billionaire Jared Isaac Mann.

St. Jude Children's Hospital, a cancer research hospital, has announced that Haley RC-Nine will be the agency's ambassador to space.

 Haley, 29, is the youngest American to ever travel to space. She battled cancer in her childhood. Prepared for Cancer made them strong and perhaps the disease taught them to expect the unexpected. Isaac Mann hopes to raise 200 million dollar for St. Jude's Hospital from this mission, half of which he will pay out of his own pocket. Announced, and he has appointed himself commander of the spacecraft. The SpaceX spacecraft has four seats, two of which he donated to St. Jude's Hospital. 

SpaceX will take off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in October, and its spacecraft will orbit the Earth for two to four days.

15 February 2021

Women in Electrical Construction

Deborah Keely, a former line constructor in Alaska, loved her work. Untill recently, she climbed utility poles with a mostly male crew, doing the heavy work of outdoor line construction and repair in all weather.

A BRAVE DISABLED MAN          21 Jan 2021

A great achievement of a disabled and brave person:

In China, an aspiring and courageous young man with a disability climbed a distance of more than 250 meters with the help of his wheelchair.

In Hong Kong, Lai Chi Wai climbed a straight building, including his wheelchair, with the help of ropes, which made him the first builder in China to cover a distance of 250 meters. It took ten hours.

The campaign was carried out by Lai Chi Wai with the utmost diligence and hard work in raising funds for the welfare of spinal patients and raising funds for their treatment, in which he received donations of more than $670,000.

26 Feb 2021

Green Card-  Ban Lifted

WASHINGTON (Jung News) - US President Joe Biden has lifted a ban on many green card applicants from entering the United States. He says it is hurting the United States instead of benefiting it. US President Joe Biden lifted the ban on green cards issued by his predecessor Donald Trump last year on Wednesday, February 24. According to legal experts, the ban also barred those who immigrated to the United States under the law. President Biden began reviewing Trump's immigration decisions shortly after taking office, and So far, many of his policies have been rejected and new decisions have been announced.

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GOOD NEWS:   01 Dec 2020


Application for UK immigration visa opens from Tuesday.   

New immigration rules will be "simple and flexible",promised by the ministers. 

 All foreign nationals, including from the European Union, who want to work in the UK from 1 January will have to apply online for a visa.

The applicant for skilled worker visa will need a job offer, must be proficient in English and earn at least £25,600.

There will be no free movement from and to the EU after 31 December.









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13 Jan 2021- Pkistan- Property Buying Selling Monitor


Be sure to read this news before buying or selling a property. The FBR will keep an eye on everyone....... 

17 Jan 2021 - Saudi Arabia will produce carbon-free petrol
Riyadh: The King Abdullah Petroleum Research and Study Center in Saudi Arabia has said in its research paper that Saudi Arabia is in a position to produce carbon-free petrol.



10 January 2021    Vaccine announcement

Pkistan- The government has made a big announcement for people who want to buy corona vaccine.




30 Dec 2020:  UK  Tough Measurement

British government began planning to continue the toughest measures to curb the number of corona cases


 22 December 2020   China Energy Hike

China becomes the largest energy producer in the world







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