Anyone who understands the chemistry of anger can easily control anger.

    Now you may ask first ," What is the chemistry of anger? "

    I asked the same question from one of my expert friends who has been studying phsychology for long time.

    He smiled and said, "We have sixteen chemicals inside us. These chemicals make up our emotions. Each emotion lasts for 12 minutes. For example, anger is an emotion. This emotion is caused by a chemical reaction.

    This reaction will raise our blood pressure and this blood pressure will create a feeling of anger inside us. We will flare up but this flare up will only last for 12 minutes. Our body will produce chemicals that extinguish the anger after 12 minutes. And so we'll be down in the next 12 minutes, Therefore if we learn to manage twelve minutes of anger, then we're going to avoid the ravages of anger".

    I asked, "Is this prescription limited to anger?" He smiled and said, "No, we have six basic emotions. Anger, fear, hatred, surprise, pleasure and sadness." Age of each emoion is only twelve minutes. Our body normalizes all our emotions after twelve minutes".

    I then asked, "But I see most people all day in a world of anger, sadness, hatred and fear, they are not normal all day."

    He smiled and said, "Look at these emotions like 'fire'. Suppose, there is a fire in front of you, what will happen if you keep pouring a little oil on this fire, and if you keep putting dry wood on it ? This fire will spread more and more and it will continue to burn".

    Similarly, the emotion that was supposed to return to normal in 12 minutes, it expands to two, three days becuause you did not control over it for a short period of time, instead, other negative thoughts flared up your inner emotion. If we don't recover in two or three days, that passion becomes our long mood and this mood becomes our personality.This is how then people start calling us with variuos negative names".

    He paused and then said, "Have you ever wondered why there are so many surprises, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or anger on the faces of so many of us? The reason is obvious. The passion or spirit knocks on their faces for twelve minutes but they do not let it go back. And so whether the emotion is surprise, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or anger, it becomes their personality. It got written on their faces forever. If these people had managed for twelve minutes, they would have escaped the scourge of a lifetime.They would not have been enslaved to a single spirit, they would not have been blackmailed by it. 

    I asked, "And isn't love a passion?" He immediately replied, "Love and lust are actually the parents of pleasure." This passion lasts only twelve minutes.But we foolish people tie it in a rope and hang him around our necks and thus become insane and humiliated. We are stoned, murdered, imprisoned and humiliated. We are all prisoners for twelve minutes". 

    "If we somehow get through this imprisonment, we will escape a long imprisonment, otherwise these 12 minutes will not leave us anywhere, ” he said.

    I asked him, "How do you manage these twelve minutes?" He smiled and said, "I just demonstrated it to you."

    He said, "You saw the man angrily entered my office and asked for his file. I told him "I signed your file and sent it back", but he didn't agree. He also accused me of lying and abused me. My body and mind caught fire. But because I knew it would only last me 12 minutes, so I got up quietly, performed ablution and started praying. I spent 20 minutes doing this. In those 20 minutes, my anger subsided and he came to the truth.


    Remmeber, "Patience controls the Anger". Always try  to have patience, keep silent, try to enjoy the nature,  whenever you indulge into the state of annoyance. Fllow this rule and you will be successful to control your annoyance and escape from unpleasant  result.




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