SUCCESS- Key to success

    The Guarantor Of Success:   Constant Effort       

    Life's hardships, loneliness, indifference can be turned into honesty, perseverance, determination and beauty. The life of all prominent personalities was also a constant struggle. They were not born with a golden spoon. Most of them belonged to either a poor family or a middle class family. However, they worked hard and maintained integrity, which made them successful in their mission and famous in their profession. Take the example of great scientists, physicist, mathematicians, astronauts-  Eienstine, Archimedes, James Watt, Marconi and Galileo, just to name some of them.

    Some philosopher and intellectual had said that if a person is poor in the world, then it is not his fault, but it is definitely his fault that he dies poor. The state of acquisition of wealth, knowledge, grace and fame can fall into the category of a properous life.

    Let me cite the notable example of one of my colleagues who has been holding quite high ranking positions in government services, judiciary and foreign affairs.  His childhood wasn't easy, but God the Almighty encouraged him to stand on his own feet because as we all know the famous proverb- " God Helps those who help themselves".

     Despite his unpleasant circumstances, he did not refrain from getting an education. He used to study under the kerosene lantern because there was no electricity in the house.

     He wished to become a lawyer, which was fulfilled by his hard work and by the grace of God the Almighty. From the age of ten or twelve, he started looking for ways to earn money: Part-time tuition for kindergarten children, helpers, participation in school programs at radio station at a very low wage per program, reception worker and public relations officer. He did everything he could.

    His first attempt to get a job after taking the graduation exam was memorable. There were some vacancies for Accounts Assistant in the office of Accountant General. He met the Accountant General in this regard and presented an introductory letter from the principal of his college. After reading the letter, he slammed it in the air and said, "You are not entitled to a job on your principal's letter." He was astonished and left speechless.

    He was about to leave when the same acountant general called him back and said. "Your principal says you are very sensible and serious. Wisdom and seriousness come after the age of forty. At this age you should be wicked. Why are you so smart and serious? "

    Before I could give an answer, he said. '' Boy! I see a crown on your head. You were not born to be a clerk. You will definitely reach higher positions in life. I will not spoil your biodata by giving you a small job as a clerk, but I suggest you continue your part-time jobs. ”

    After graduating, his education came to an end. He had always wanted to pursue higher education in the United States or the United Kingdom, but circumstances did not permit. However, he always worked hard and diligently. He never gave up his struggle. He continued with his part time jobs, meeting with people of high profile and searching for better positions.  He always remembered in his mind that- "Slow and steady wins the race".

    As a result, he started to achieve the opportunities, smaller or higher, he just captured it and moved on the ladder of promotion and acquired higher positions like - Deputy Attorney General, Chief Justice of the High Court, Secretary to the Government for the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Judge of the Supreme Court, Acting President and Chief Election Commissioner of the country.


    My message to the younger generation is that you should first concentrate on to your study, get education as high as possible. After entering into the professional life, perform your duties with courage, honesty, self-confidence, patience and in the interest of the country. You should not be alarmed by challenges and crises. Always trust God the Almighty (Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala), always work hard, always be confident, ride on your opinion, honesty and logic and always seek guidance from the Almighty. You will always be successful and more importantly, you will be happy.





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