Improving the environment is everyone's responsibility

    Global climate change has risen alarmingly due to the deterioration of the Earth's natural environment, due to which, heavy rains, floods, storms, hurricanes, extreme hot weather and blizzards have caused great damage to all kinds of life. In addition, billions of dollars in losses have been incurred and still continues.

    Major Causes Of Climate Change:

    This is due to the increase in greenhouse gases, deforestation, increased use of coal and oil and increasing population pressure on cities. In addition, multinational corporations, industrial plants and corporations have neglected basic human and moral values ​​in their pursuit of competition and higher profits. This chaos has made the earth's environment more chaotic. We never tire of saying that it is all from nature, but we ignore the fact that we are equally complicit in this deterioration and increase in pollution.

    The background to this is that the first industrial revolution took place in Britain in 1860 and the wheel of industrial development began to turn. At the time, the effects on the natural environment were not great. However, after the Second Industrial Revolution, which took place in the United States in 1920, climate change was somewhat felt and global temperatures rose by 0.05 degrees.

    In the second industrial revolution of the United States in 1950, when factories were set up to manufacture automobiles, electrical appliances, heavy machinery and miscellaneous household items, European countries also began to set up similar factories.

    As coal and oil consumption increased, land, sea and air pollution gradually increased in the 1960s and 1970s. Environmental degradation and increased pollution have led to new epidemics. Most of the epidemics that have plagued the country for the past three or four decades have yet to be cured.Corona virus is currently at the top of the list. More than 45 million people have been infected with the virus so far and more than 1.2 million of them have died due to this virus. Experts around the world have been working hard to develop a vaccine against the disease and fortunately have succeeded reportedly.

    The virus not only claimed human lives but also cost the world billions of dollars. The world economy, industry and trade were severely affected. Lifestyles and routines of life were shattered.

    All agree that global warming, climate change and increasing pollution is an open fact that cannot be denied. Human action has a big hand in this deterioration and we cannot be absolved of our responsibilities.

    Research conducted in the twenty years of the 21st century and international conferences in this regard have proved that increasing use of coal and oil, high emissions of harmful gases, fumes and pollution are severely affecting the atmosphere.

    Negative Effects :

    Experts have repeatedly warned the world about global warming and climate change. Experts say contaminated water, vegetables, fruits and foodstuffs are also spreading various diseases from whch children and the elderly are most affected. Experts claim that if environmental degradation is the result of a natural process, then it must be prevented naturally, but the degradation of the natural environment on Earth and the problems it faces are the result of human action and unnatural factors, due to which toxic and chemical substances are being added to the air, water and soil. In such a situation, the negative burden on the natural environment of the earth is increasing.

    Experts say there is a risk of nuclear radiation emission from nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, which requires more serious action. Scientists are also concerned that new units are being set up in most countries due to increased demand of industrial, electricity and consumer goods.

    On the other hand, pollution is also on the rise due to increasing population pressure on cities. Poverty has led to a rise in food shortages, deviations from hygiene practices, and a lack of hygiene. Marine life is being severely affected by industrial waste in the oceans.

    Scientists said in their research paper that countries are developing and testing nuclear technologies which are spreading harmful effects in the air and people living in local populations are suffering from sore throats, respiratory diseases and asthma. Earth's temperature is rising and global warming is a major problem that cannot be denied. Scientists claim that data from the last 100 years show that most of July was warmer. And the fact that the Earth's temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees in the last thirty to forty years has also become clear.

    Experts are concerned that over the past 40 years, major conferences have been held with the participation of world leaders, dignitaries, scientists, ecologists and geologists from around the world,research papers have been presented, but the problem remains, as the world's use of coal and oil continues to grow. Big companies and corporations focuss more on their business than the issue of pollution. 

    Data from space meteorological satellites also show that global warming is an open reality due to the rapid change in the Earth's climate.  Avalanches are affecting more than expected, causing large avalanches to melt into the oceans. Due to this process, the sea level is gradually rising. 

    Remedial Measures for Improvement:

    Today, most developed countries are experimenting with alternative fuels. For example, solar-powered automobile factories are producing small cars in Germany, France, Sweden and Japan, but so far the importance of oil has not diminished. There is no denying from the fact that the importance and need for oil cannot be underestimated despite trying alternative energy sources.

    At the recent United Nations Conference on Environmental Protection and Pollution Reduction, it was emphasized that the use of synthetic fertilizers to increase agricultural production is increasing, which is reducing the productivity of the land. On the one hand, drought is increasing the barrenness of agricultural land and on the other hand, artificial fertilizer is affecting agricultural land.

    Experts are concerned that despite all the research and guidance, no serious efforts are being made to protect the environment. Today's generation must think for the security of the planet and for a better future generations, and we must take steps to improve the Earth's environment.