Green Peas
Amazing health benefits of eating peas:


 Experts have described many properties of peas, according to them, peas keep the heart and kidneys healthy, control blood pressure, and are beneficial for diabetics.

According to medical experts, peas also help in weight loss.Peas contain iron, zinc and copper, which provide essential nutrients to the body in cold weather, along with plenty of antioxidants found in peas that strengthen the immune system. According to medical experts, peas It is also useful for the eyes, the lutein and zeaxanthin in peas help to improve vision.


Watermelon peel: Megical Benefits for the Human Body

The peel of watermelon has magical benefits for the human body.


Drinking lemon ginger tea before going to bed has numerous benefits. Highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

Medicinal benefits of turmeric mixed milk


Turmeric is a spice with magical properties and its regular use can give amazing results but if turmeric is mixed in milk, its medical benefits are doubled. One teaspoon of turmeric contains 24 calories, fat, fiber and Protein is found. It also contains minerals and steel and is rich in powerful antioxidants. Turmeric milk has been used in the subcontinent for centuries and is now gaining popularity in Western countries as well.

Blood Pressure- How to Reduce High Blood Pressure ?

What is Blood Pressure ?
It is the force that keeps your blood flowing throughout the body and thus provides food and oxygen to all the cells of the body. ۔ This force is created by the process of pumping your heart.

The blood pressure of all human beings also fluctuates. Whenever you are under mental or physical pressure, your blood pressure also rises. Whenever mental or physical pressure on you increases, so does your blood pressure. Excitement and exercise also increase it. It decreases when you are at rest or sleepy. Often your blood pressure stays at your normal level depending on your age.


In general, the younger the age, the lower the blood pressure.

When your blood pressure rises and rises all the time, it is called high blood pressure (hypertension) or hypertension.

Why does high blood pressure occur ?
Nothing can be said for sure about that. In 10% of cases, it is the result of an internal disease, such as kidney disease.

Blood pressure rises for three reasons:

(1) When the amount of water and salt increases the amount or volume of blood.
(2) When the arteries that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body become hard and narrow.
(3) When the heart pumps blood very fast and hard

You dont feel it but it is damaging your body silently.

The damage is gradual, so high blood pressure is called a "silent killer."

High blood pressure causes the arteries to harden. The accumulation of fatty substances on the walls or lining inside them makes them hard. The following causes increase the risk of high blood pressure:


Hereditary effects
Observations suggest that hereditary effects may be the cause. If a parent, sibling has high blood pressure, you may also have it.



Eating more salt
Sodium in salt increases blood volume by accumulating more water in the blood. This causes many people to suffer from high blood pressure.


If you are obese, you will have to push your heart harder while walking. More fat will build up inside your arteries and make them harder and tighter.

More stress
Blood pressure rises temporarily in times of anger, excitement and stress, so two to four people a day can gradually become hypertensive due to these conditions.

       Suffering from high blood pressure ?
Since its symptoms are not obvious, it can only be detected by checking. Blood pressure test is also easy and this test is done very quickly without any pain or difficulty. Blood pressure (systolic =) is when the heart is beating. Blood pressure (diastolic = expansion) is when the heart is resting during the heartbeat.

This is how blood pressure is expressed
Contraction 120
Expansion 80
It is read by 120 and 80.
How to check blood pressure
Wrap a rubber band around your arm and fill it with air, until the pressure stops the flow of blood in the arm. When this air is released slowly, the first sound of the heart that comes during this time is your contraction, that is, increased blood pressure. When high air pressure is released, blood flow returns to normal, and the sound stops, it's your expansion, that is, less pressure.

Can the risk of high blood pressure be reduced?
Yes, the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by changing the lifestyle and eating habits. You can't treat hereditary side effects, but you can be careful.
Lose weight
Find your standard weight and lose weight with moderation and exercise in your diet.
Eat less fats

Eat less fatty foods and high cholesterol foods. This way you can control your weight as well as protect yourself from the risk of excess fat clotting in the arteries.

Exercise regularly
Exercise reduces weight and strengthens the heart. Exercise not only brings relief, but also relieves stress and tension
۔Eat less salt
Add less salt and sugar during cooking. Add lemon, tamarind, ginger, pepper, sesame oil and coriander, mint and spices for flavor and taste. Do not add salt to the food on the table. Remember, tomato sauce and pickles are also high in salt. Avoid canned foods

Get enough sleep
Do some daily calming things, that is, do some good deeds. Get enough sleep, and you'll be refreshed. Make sure your blood pressure is checked at least once every six months. The sooner it is detected, the easier it will be to control it with proper tactics and treatment.

Health is Wealth

Green Veges:

Eating Green Vegetables is the Secret to a Healthy Life



It is possible to get rid of diabetes, experts say:

According to a recent study, it is possible to get rid of or reverse type 2 diabetes by changing your diet. According to an international website, The study found that diabetes can be effectively controlled through the supervision of a dietitian and a pharmacist. The patients were given a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet plan and their medication use was monitored.


General Benefits

Berries are called superfoods because no matter how small they look, they have innumerable benefits. Superfoods Berries are one of the strawberries that contain essential nutrients that promote health.

With a red heart shape and a crown of green leaves on its head, this fruit is rich in vitamins, fiber, zero cholesterol and antioxidants, while it is also a good source of potassium and magnesium.

In addition, strawberries are one of the best sources of vitamin C, which is very important for boosting our immune system, and strawberries are said to have higher levels of vitamin C than oranges.


Miraculous benefits of strawberries:

Boosts immunity:

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity. Experts say that if you eat a cup of strawberries a day, it will boost your immunity and improve your overall health.

Lowers blood pressure:

The potassium found in strawberries is known to help lower high blood pressure, as it lowers the amount of sodium in our body, which in turn lowers the level of high blood pressure.

Useful in joint pain:

For those who suffer from joint pain, eating strawberries can be beneficial. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in strawberries ensure a reduction in arthritis.

Useful for heart disease and cholesterol patients:

The allergic acids and flavonoids found in strawberries provide an antioxidant effect that improves heart health and eliminates bad cholesterol in the blood, according to a Canadian study. 

Nourishes the skin:

Vitamin C in strawberries is also important for increasing collagen. Collagen helps to improve the elasticity and softness of the skin. As well as vitamin C, the allergic acid in strawberries prevents wrinkles. In addition to brightening the complexion, the use of strawberries makes the face beautiful by removing acne and shadows.


Early symptoms of stroke/paralysis

Stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is reduced. When the supply of oxygen to the brain is reduced, healthy cells begin to die.

Although it is scary to think about paralysis, more importantly, if a person is vigilant, he can protect himself from the impending stroke. 

How ?

The American Academy of Neurology, an organization of 36,000 medical professionals, is the world's largest organization in this field. According to him, the symptoms of paralysis start appearing at least a week before.

 The academy wrote in a journal under its auspices that treatment can be used to control stroke after symptoms appear a week earlier.

Research has shown that strokes can also be caused by ischemic (such as decreased blood supply) such as weakening of blood vessels, bleeding from them or a decrease in blood flow due to blood clots. 

In most cases there may be a transient ischemic attack (TIA). These are called premature attacks, ie pre-symptoms of paralysis. You can also call this condition "mini-paralysis". And does not affect any part of the brain.

The author of another study, Dr. Peter M. Rathwell (Doctor of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Oxford), says that despite knowing this, we cannot say how effective a medical facility can be for a patient. Paralysis can be avoided if it is treated immediately before the onset of major symptoms or within a few hours, long before a major attack. The team of doctors said that like other diseases, we can say that there are early symptoms of paralysis which we can also call the initial attack of paralysis and if a person is vigilant, he can save himself from paralysis. '

Some of the symptoms are noted below:

Numbness of a part of the face:

A part of the face, hands or legs may feel numb,

Impaired vision, Semi-conscious, Difficulty in breathing, Behavior change, Nausea or vomiting.

So if someone feels the above sysmptoms, he/she should consult a doctor, suspecting a stroke/paralysis or else.


Remeber: "Health is Wealth".

Heart Health

What are the foods that cause heart attack?


Research on the eating habits of people in 5 continents of the world has shown that the consumption of bad types of carbohydrates increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and death ( in addition to the well known causes of high cholestrol, tri-glycerides, and transfat)

According to a new study published in the British Journal of Medicine, high levels of bad carbohydrates have a number of adverse health effects on human health, including increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death. 


According to research, a diet containing high in poor quality carbohydrates is called 'High Glycemic Diet'.

The study included 137,851 citizens and villagers between the ages of 35 and 70 from five continents. 

A questionnaire was created by the researchers to collect data from volunteers involved in the study, asking questions about eating habits and food types.

The study found that 8,780 volunteers died of age, while 8,252 volunteers died of heart attacks. 

Research has shown that not all types of carbohydrates are harmful to human health. The use of high-quality carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables and pulses, have benefits. 

According to experts, low glycemate is found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, pulses and dried fruits are good for health and not harmful, while white bread, white flour, white rice, and potatoes are high in glycemate, and are considered  harmful to health, if highly consumed.


Health is Wealth

Take Care of your Health

SWEETS                                           05 March 2021

Harmful Effects of Sweetners:

The use of sweeteners can weaken the immune system:

Research has shown that too much sugar or natural sweeteners in the diet can lead to a number of diseases by weakening the immune system.

According to medical and nutritional experts, natural sweeteners, sugars i.e. 'fructose' are mostly found in sweet drinks, sweet foods, processed foods. The immune system is weakened and the person is afflicted with various diseases.

According to a report published in London's Journal of Nature Communication, fructose, a natural sweetener found in processed foods, is extremely harmful to human health, leading to obesity and overuse. With type 2 diabetes, the risk of liver damage and enlargement increases manifold.

According to experts, the consumption of fructose-rich foods also increases the risk of inflammation in the body; swelling or inflammation in the organs of the body is one of the dangerous health symptoms.

According to the facts, due to inflammation, human cells become damaged and as a result, human beings become victims of various diseases.

Research has revealed that sweet drinks and processed foods are the most dangerous and harmful to human health, according to a new discovery about sweetness.



We all know fish as one of the best healthy foods, but be careful, particularly the pregnant or brest feeding women should limit the consumption safely. The concern is over the mercury or any other pollutants associated with certain type of fish, particularly halibut and tuna besides others.




Fish contains high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, that includes salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel, that have been known to contribute to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This proprty is assiciated with the two prominant fatty acids called EPA and DHA.  




Generally, it is recommended to consume fish three times a week for a healthy body and heart particularly.












 Remember   Always " HEALTH  IS  WEALTH"

Always Be Active  and  Stay Healthy

 Find here  valuable important news and Tips related to your Health


 If you want to care about your Health, then here you will find the latest  medical news,   information, new research, findings and guidance related to  Health.


 Particular attention will be focussed on Covid-19 pandemic.


NOTE: These are given here for information and guidance only. You must consult your doctor and physician for advice in your case.

What is Covid-19  ?

How to protect from Covid-19 ?

COVID- stands for Corona Virus Disease. It was discovered recently after the first victim was attacked by a virus called corona virus. It is a highly infectious disease which is spread rapidly thru air, and thru contact with infected material.

Although the sysptoms are moderate in the early stage which may grow into a serious condition when a patient might need an emergency attention.


Protection: The three basic preventive measures are;

1- Use face mask 

2- Wash your hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer more often

3- Keep social distance, avoid moving into gathering


VACCINE: A large number of countries have been engaged producing the vaccine to help prevent from Covid-19, and mostly are optimistic to be 90-95% successful with expected supply in near future.let us hope to receive it as soos as possible to eliminate further damage. 



Washington:  15 Jan 2021




The world is in the grip of the corona virus, and in this context, an invention called biobutton has emerged, which can be especially attached to the chest. More details will be published as soon as it becomes available.









              REMEMBER:         ALWAYS BE ACTIVE         STAY HEALTHY

How does the corona virus affect the lungs? 

According to The Mirror, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, shared an X-ray of the person affected by the corona.

The lungs of a person infected with coronavirus are more affected than the lungs of a smoker, Retani said. According to the assistant professor, the corona virus destroys our lungs, then blood clots in them and then it becomes difficult to breathe.


Doctors described the X-ray as dangerous and appealed to citizens to take corona seriously and take precautions, while those affected have to strengthen their immune systems so that the respiratory system can be restored.

30 Sept 2021

Discover another new way to prevent Corona virus

 Research or tips are being given around the world to protect and treat the corona virus. A similar study has revealed another new way to prevent the virus. Corona virus spray has been developed in the UK which will be injected into the nose. 

Scientists have called the nasal spray "Focus Well", which protects people who are easily exposed to the corona virus. This small spray can be kept in your pocket or bag and is very easy to use several times a day. According to him, the most powerful ingredients in the spray destroy the corona virus in just 30 seconds and remain inside the nose for several hours.



29 Sept 2021


Smokers have an 80% higher risk of being hospitalized with the corona virus, medical experts say


21 Sept 2021: Pfizer declared the corona vaccine safe for children between the ages of five and 11.



Corona testing robot ready in 80 minutes

The Japanese company Kawasaki has developed a robot that can take samples from a patient's nose and throat and report results in just 80 minutes. According to the company, steps are also being taken to prevent Corona from preparing for the Olympic Games in Japan. The system can process 2,000 samples in 16 hours.

The system consists of two parts, an artificial arm that takes samples for testing and the other is a lab technique machine, in which the test will be performed. The special feature of these robots is that they can be loaded on trucks and taken to playgrounds, theme parks and other public places where it will be possible to test a large number of corona in a short time.









Magic coffee that dissolves belly fat fast

Magic coffee that dissolves belly fat fast. Ginger and lemons, which are considered to be green spices, are considered to be very useful for dissolving stubborn belly fat.

Ginger and lemons have been used for weight loss since time immemorial. While ginger not only enhances the taste of food but also has the status of a medicine, ginger is considered to be the best option for dissolving fats.




Kiwi Fruit                                              1

Amazing benefits of Kiwi Fruit: The kiwi looks like a chico but resembles a strawberry in taste. The fruit originated in New Zealand, hence the name 'kiwi fruit' after a New Zealand bird named 'kiwi'. Has been placed.

Most people are not aware of this fruit but health experts have mentioned many benefits of this fruit which will increase its popularity ten times faster.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins A, B6, B12, E along with potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium, which keep the body functioning properly, including blood flow, ability to absorb iron, and strong bones. And teeth, excellent vision, and the ability to get out of stress.

Fresh skin Kiwis have alkaline properties that help reduce the effects of spicy foods, which will not only keep you energetic and energetic, but also keep your skin glowing and fresh.

The antioxidants in kiwi prevent the skin from getting damaged, and it is also beneficial to apply its pulp on the face for better results.

If you think that only sour fruits like lemons and malts are a treasure trove of vitamin C, you are wrong because 100 grams of kiwi contains 154% vitamin C, which is twice as much as sour fruits.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and helps the body excrete toxins and carcinogens.

 Improving the digestive system

Kiwi contains an ingredient called actandin, which has the ability to digest protein, so it is very comforting for people with intestinal disease.

The best source of dietary fiber

This sweet and sour fruit is rich in dietary fiber which helps in preventing various diseases. According to a study, eating a diet rich in dietary fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and arterial problems. 

It also lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol and is extremely useful for weight loss.




Unhealthy White Bread and Pasta

Excess white bread and pasta can cause heart disease, medical research says.


A new medical study warns of the serious dangers of overuse of white bread, pasta (macaroni) and other refined agricultural commodities. According to research, eating too much of these foods can lead to early death.

The British newspaper quoted the results of a study conducted in Canada in this regard. The study, conducted by McMaster University in Canada, covered 1.37 million people in 21 countries over a nine-year period. According to the results, people who consume more "refined foods"  are more likely to have a heart attack and stroke than those who use "whole grains" (unwashed).


Double breads, cereals, desserts and pastries are the most considered of the refined commodity products.

Grain is considered "complete" if it contains all three true ingredients: straw husk, seed and germ. However, if one or more of these three components are removed, then it becomes a "refined" grain.

In the United States, the US Full Grain Council says that a quarter of a grain's protein is lost as a result of grain cleaning. In addition, half to two-thirds of the nutrients are wasted.

According to the medical study, people who ate more than 7 pieces of refined and sifted grains in a day had a 27% increase in early mortality. They also have a 33% higher risk of heart disease and a 47% higher risk of stroke.


Based on the results of the research, the researchers have suggested that the sifted grains should be replaced with other available alternatives. These alternatives include whole grains (without sifting) such as brown rice and barley, if you dont find unrefined grains.



Strawberries are a great source of immunity